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Leeman And Sons offers a comprehensive range of primary aggregates for construction projects in Essex and London. Our primary aggregates, including sand, gravel, and crushed stone, are sourced from high-quality quarries to ensure consistency and reliability. Whether you’re laying foundations, constructing roads, or landscaping, our aggregates provide the essential base materials you need for a durable and long-lasting finish. With efficient delivery and competitive pricing, Leeman And Sons is your trusted partner for top-quality primary aggregates tailored to your construction needs.

Excavator in operation at a construction site moving primary aggregate, showcasing the foundation of building projects.

Sharp Sand

High-quality sand, perfect for construction and landscaping. Ideal for screeding, paving, and concreting, thanks to its superior properties.


Available in 10mm, 20mm. Ballast Sand is a mixture of stone and sharp sand and it is ideal for use with concrete to create a stronger mix.

Type 1 Primary

A limestone/granite/ragstone sub-base produced from quarried crushed rock containing a well graded mixture of particles ranging from 0mm to 32mm.

Hoggin – Self-Binding Gravel

A well graded gravel mixed with sand and natural clay as a binder, used as a surfacing for low-speed driveways and footpaths.

As Dug Sand – Filling Sand

Dug Sand, commonly used in civil engineering and landscaping, provides effective drainage when mixed with soil for gardens and recreation areas.

Primary Gravel Shingles – (various sizes)

Available in sizes (10mm, 20mm, 40mm, 50mm), this sand is perfect for landscaping, pathways, and driveways. Versatile for drainage and other uses.

Grade to your Spec

We can grade any of the above material to suit the clients specifications.

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