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At Leeman And Sons, we ensure high-quality service by producing all our aggregates in full accordance with the WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) quality protocol in Essex and London.

This process involves carefully checking the raw materials at our recycling centers (including concrete, hardcore, tarmac, hoggin, and as-dug ballast) before crushing them to a specific size and screening them using our 5-way split.

With our commitment to quality, we’re confident in meeting all our clients’ needs, regardless of size, throughout Essex and London.

For more information or to order recycled aggregates, contact our friendly and experienced staff, who will help you choose the best aggregate for your needs. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with Leeman And Sons.

6F5 / 6F2 – Crushed Concrete

Usage – capping layer for roads, pilling matts, general fill, sub base. Well graded material ranging from 100mm down to dust.

Type 1 – Crushed Concrete (graded)

Recycled hardcore crushed at 40mm down, suitable for the construction of yards, driveways, paths, (good for drainage) etc.

Type 2 – Crushed Concrete

A unbound sub-base material with more fines and a wider grading envelope than Type 1. Normally used as a layer under Type 1.

Type 2 – (No Fines)

Clean bulky material 100mm (4”) down, ideal as a base layer and for poor ground conditions. Also can be used for drainage purposes.

6F4 – (formerly 6F1) Concrete Fines

Finer grade aggregate, also commonly used as capping Layer although with a finer grading. Typically 50mm to dust and evenly graded.

6F3 – (Type 4) Tarmac Planings

A cost-effective by-product of road resurfacing, provide durable, free-draining surfaces for yards, paths, lanes, and temporary roads.

10mm Recycled Shingles – Pipe Bedding

Commonly used for ready mixed & precast concrete, drainage, pipe bedding, landscaping and as surface dressing for footpaths, roads, driveways and yards.

20mm Recycled Shingles – Pipe Bedding

Same usage as 10mm, ready mixed & precast concrete, drainage, pipe bedding, landscaping and as surface dressing for footpaths, roads, driveways and yards.

40mm Recycled Shingles – (Type B filtered) Pipe Bedding

Often used for land drainage, filter drainage systems and soakaways. 40mm Recycled Shingle is also used for vibropiling.

Sharp Sand

Recycled sharp sands are an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to natural dug sand. Sourced from crushed concrete, crushed glass or re-used sand. Recycled sands are sustainable products that reduce waste to land-fill.

Topsoil BS3882 (conforms to UKAS certification)

Top quality soil screened to remove stones, weeds, roots and other undesirables. A landscapers choice, great for high spec developments, gardens, recreation areas, flower beds. Very easily worked with.

Topsoil – General Purpose (non certified)

Can be used for all the same purposes as the certified soil above but not screened as finely therefore not as easily finished. More cost effective for large areas which don’t desire a high spec finish and can also be used as a sub-base for the easier finished certified Top Soil.

Grade to your Spec

We can grade any of the above material to suit the clients specifications.

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